Friday, 1 June 2012

First Blog

I have a long-term interest in vampires, ever since watching the old Hammer horror movies in the '70s, and been fascinated by bloodsuckers ever since. In this blog, I intend discussing vampires mainly from an academic point of view, especially in regard to folklore and history, but will also venture into related fields like lycanthropy. Firstly, my academic background. A Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Zoology; a Bachelor of Arts in History with Honours in Religious Studies (my thesis on the socio-religious beliefs and practices of the contemporary vampire subculture); a Graduate Certificate in Theology and a PhD from the University of Queensland (Australia) in Religious Studies, my thesis being "Troublesome Corpses: Vampires & the Undead from Antiquity to Modern Times".  I have also written a book and numerous articles on vampires and the like, and am continually engaged in private research into such esoteric subjects.


  1. PS. Took a look at your blog, great stuff!

  2. Dr. Keyworth! What an honour! I've been trying to track you down for years!

    I'm the guy behind this:

    Great to meet a fellow Aussie vamp enthusiast :)

  3. trying to find truth that vampires do exist in 2014. There doesn't seem to be any and I have been visiting local cemetaries for 6 years. zero except the Hitchcock feeling everytime I visit I have shizoaffective disorder with depression so I can obsess and hallucinate but I now they aren't real. Currently seeking evidence

  4. Hi Anonymous,
    Yes, I have had as much luck finding real "vampires" as you, which was why I did my research looking at folklore and history, although belief in vampires is still alive and well in places like Romania. Of course, there are lots of self-proclaimed vampires in the vampire subculture who dress up and pretend, and even claim to sip on blood but they hardly qualify as a walking corpse like the true vampire of folklore.